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Abortion statistics.

Women all over the world are saying no to being knocked up. They’re saying it surprisingly often, regardless of the safety or legality of the procedure. I thought it was kind of interesting, anyway…


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It’s official.

I’m a believer. I was uneasy letting such a creepy picture grace my the main page of my weblog, so you’ll have to click on. (more…)

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My computer has this really horrible virus. Actually, it’s just iTunes. I’ll start up iTunes and put it on my purchased list, and there will magically be some random Christian alternative songs. (more…)

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Photo of the Week: 3

Ooh, tell me Uma isn’t looking fierce.


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BFF Songs.

I hardly ever write about music, so I thought in this post I could introduce you to one of the better parts of my life. These are tried and true favorite songs from the last few years, not in any order.

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
Don’t Cry Out –  Shiny Toy Guns
Soft Serve – Soul Coughing
Desperate Guys – The Faint
Pablo Picasso – Citizen Cope
Such Great Heights – The Postal Service
And She Was – The Talking Heads
Hotel Song – Regina Spektor
Pot Kettle Black – Wilco
Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
Start to Melt – Peter, Bjorn and John
Read My Mind – The Killers

Check them out. If you’re a pirate, you’ve no excuses. If like me, you buy music… I guess it’s your call.

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This evening my dad asked me to give him a minute. This happens about three times a week, with the inevitable subject… My future. (more…)

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So I just got home from work and from watching America’s Next Top Model. It was a pretty intense epi at the end. It came down to Ambreal and Ebony. The judges want to give Ebony another chance, but she asked to leave. Ambreal was freaking out crying because she got to stay. Tyra was all like “It was meant to be”. Whateva. (more…)

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