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This evening my dad asked me to give him a minute. This happens about three times a week, with the inevitable subject… My future.

My dad has a very vested interest in my future, as any father should. So supportive is he, that I am now going to Central. Why not, he says, I only need 40 credits from Skagit to be accepted! And the kicker: I won’t have to take the SAT!

Correct, darling daughter! We have so much faith in your intelligence that we’re willing to send you straight to Central and skip the painful ordeal that the SAT will assuredly be!

You don’t want to go to Central?

But we’ve set it all up for you! It’ll be simple! Pain free on your part and most importantly– mine! Your future, your potential? HA! Submit your application by January 13th!

So the verdict is in, you guys, it turns out I will be struggling through life with laughable education, working coveted positions as receptionist and just barely making my share of the rent that is split between me and my, oh, five or six roommates.

But fuck all that. I’m so pissed off and scared. I don’t want that. I really, really don’t want any of this.


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