I’m hopeful.

November 7, 2007 at 12:17 am Leave a comment

Yeah, so I guess it’s midterms week… Or something. Midterms always come and go and I barely notice.

I feel crappy. I have a broken spirit, a sore throat and I feel fat and pale (You know, being pale can be fixed simply and inexpensively with this glorious product called tinted moisturizer [aka build a tan]… So you can’t justify being so pasty. However, I ran out three days ago) God, I hate winter. I hate constantly being cold and sick. The cold just magnifies everything bad that happens. Like, ‘fuck, I’m late for class AND it’s cold’ or ‘this skirt is too big AND it’s cold’. You probably don’t get it. Whatever.

I’m still so upset about my life. Like, what I’m going to do after I get out of Skagit with a 3.0. I’m lazy, spoiled and have zero self control.

… Luckily I’m clever, silly, have a great smile and really good friends. People have survived on less, right?!

And now, for an inspiring picture of my favorite flower. (No, I don’t know how a picture of a flower is inspiring, but it’s been done, many, many times. Each time equally as puzzling as the last… Anyway…)


oh! And don’t forget, Wednesday night, 8:00pm ANTM, 9:00pm Gossip Girl. Both on CW11, so you don’t even have to change the channel. You can just sit there for two hours without moving. Isn’t that fantastic? Somebody should pay me for this.

Okay, now I’ll go to bed.

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Photo of the Week: 4 ANTM!!

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