And I Was a Boy from School.

November 18, 2007 at 6:41 pm Leave a comment

Today at work we had to drain the hottub and scrub it. I had fun slipping and sliding around soaking wet and freesing my black dress-pants butt off. Barb told me to spray the heater vents out with that Dust-Off stuff. I like using the Dust-Off. It gets so cold that you can scratch ice off the can. I like spraying myself too, to see how close I can get it to my skin without it stinging. The heater caught fire. Seriously, 12″ flames. It went out after a while. No big deal. Things are always catching fire around me… usually because I’m bad at cooking. I don’t even run away anymore.

Cindy brought home some Mexican pizza for me just now. My dad is still in Seatown, so Cyn and I are here for a couple days by ourselves. It makes me nervous being alone with her. I’m always scared she’s going to offer to get me birth control or ask me about my period. Cindy is really, really crazy. She often spontaneously squeals or screams. I have to act serious around her, to balance out the situation.

MSNing with my brother in Chile.

Ian says (6:15 PM):
The other day they were asking me, why do you record everything you say?
And i was like WHAT??
And they were like ya, you´re always in your room talking

amelia says (6:15 PM):
WHAT hahhha

Ian says (6:15 PM):
And they assumed that i had a voice recorder

amelia says (6:15 PM):
are you rapping?

Ian says (6:15 PM):
Thats what it was. Me rapping all the time to myself
And they thought it was like me making a voice journal they said

amelia says (6:17 PM):
thats hilarious
can they not understand what youre saying because its in english?

Ian says (6:17 PM):
But really it´s just me rappin about taking a shouwer and having to light the gas
Cuz I always rap about turning on the gas cuz it bugs the shit outtanigga

amelia says (6:18 PM):
turning on the gas? what?

Ian says (6:19 PM):
Oh, to get hot water, you have to light this thing called a califaccion which is like a hot water heater only propane

amelia says (6:19 PM):
and you dont like doing it?

Ian says (6:20 PM):
no, because there is a trick to it, and i always fuck up.
It takes me like 4 or 6 matches to do it.

amelia says (6:20 PM):
poor guy
im glad you can vent about it with rapping

Ian says (6:20 PM):
Nah, i´m like, prolly turnin on the callifon
cuz thats how it sounds when they say it.
Ask me what i´m doin prolly lightin up the califon

amelia says (6:21 PM):
oh lord

Ian says (6:21 PM):
Cuz it takes forever you know


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My parents are so cute. I love scanning!! Holla!!1

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