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Everything is frustrating these days… and for some reason, I’ve been pretty happy. Everything rolls right off me. It’s like a mentally spiteful reaction to it all. BUT my car… oh my car, the most frustrating of all. Alas! My white ’93 Honda Civic dx with the grey upholstery and the trunk full of school books and tennis shoes. My car with three (four?) blown speakers and a deteriorating clutch. Okay, not deteriorating, because we’re all deteriorating at different rates. A clutch with a swiftly approaching expiration date, a clutch on its death bed, staring up at me with despairing eyes while I hold its hand and sob silently… Sick. No. I’m just irritated really. And today I ran out of gas and had to walk to a nearby juicery and wait for my mom. I also bought a Gameboy Color for $10.00 and Pokemon Yellow Version for another $10.00. It’s mostly to annoy my mom.

I was thinking, as I was driving to my dads tonight, wouldn’t it be weird if you are driving in the dark, and suddenly you saw like all these silhouettes of people on the road… and you realised they are wearing black from head to toe… and so you stop because you don’t want to run them over… even though you were going fairly fast… and you’re scared to death, of course… and you stopped and they start to surround your car… what happens next? I was just thinking anyway because I saw one of those CIA/SWAT team looking white windowless vans on the side of the road.


April 5, 2008 at 1:54 am 3 comments

Why can't they say what they want?

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